Welcome to India’s first hybrid crowdsourcing workplace.

Workplace made  by Designer for Designers !

Are you a

freelance Designer ?

Being a designer is a very creative and tough job.
There are plenty of platforms available online to work as a freelance designer. Freelancing is a great full time job and it’s a great career to choose. Somehow it’s a little difficult to get assured income every time. It’s completely depends upon how you convince your client and satisfy them with their requirements. Also, don’t forget you are competing with hundreds of designer and that too on the same project.

Monthly base payment

  • By joining the 99Logos, you are eligible to get benefits as same as full time employ who present physically at the office to do their work.

  • Our every designer will get fix monthly payment by working from their location. The minimum monthly payment will be Rs.5,000 for every designer after joining the 99Logos.

  • Of cource, base payment will not be limited to Rs.5,000. It will increses with Rs.1,000 as the designer level increases.

Incentive matters

  • Apart from regular monthly payments, designer will get incentive for every completed project.

  • Incentives will be ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.5,000.
    You need to complete 5 base projects every month to get eligible for incentives.

Less Competition & fixed Earning

  • We have addon designer workplace for clients. Means, as per our packages the basic package will have only one designer to work on that project.

  • If client selects large package and wish add more designers then number of designers count will be varies.

  • Mostly the total number of designers in one project will be 1 to 10 approximately. So there will be a very less competition and more chances to win the project.

  • Ultimately, every designer will get more incentives for projects.

Take a leave

  • As we have introduced hybrid crowdsourcing workplace, then the features also has to be hybrid.

  • World’s first online crowdsourcing platform who is offering Leaves to designers.

  • If you are unable to work for some days then you can request to get the leaves. You can request the leaves by clicking on payments tab and use easy calendar to select the days.

  • Per day payment will be deducted from base payment for every leave.

Designer Levels & Increments

  • We have designer level system to define the design quality of designer.

  • By joining the 99Logos, the default level will be the 1. By increasing of level, designer base payment will be increase by Rs. 1000.

  • You can increase your designer levels by delivering quality work, giving prompt response to client, conversation skill with client etc.

Extra Bonus

  • Every employ deserves the bonus for good work. We respect the dedication and quality towords the work.

  • As per the 99Logos ranking, the best one designer will get lucrative bonus apart from payment and incentives.

  • Ranking system will be auto calculated by sum of total number of points from 0 to 100. points will be given by client after completion of project.