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  • 14 May 2022

  • 14 May 2022

Wipro, Earning the Trust with the Business

Wipro is a customer-centric company, which has its headquarters at Bangalore. It gives priority to its customers, and takes the best of its efforts to fulfill their needs to the fullest.


To earn our clients trust and maximize the value of their business by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies, and best in the class delivery process.


Wipro, founder, Azim Premji

Wipro was founded by Mohamed Premji with the name Western India Vegetable Products Limited on 29th December 1945, which was later known as Wipro. After the death of Mohamed Premji, his son Ajim Premji took the responsibility of the company on his shoulders.

Azim Premji completed his Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and established the Azim Premji Foundation in 2001. He is an Engineer, Investor, Philanthropist, and also Indian businessman, and chairman of Wipro Limited.

Business Model & Services

Wipro Technologies & Wipro Infotech

Wipro Technologies and Wipro Infotech are associated with the same kind of services, such as:

Wipro Technologies provides the following services in the US, Europe, and Japan, whereas the same services are provided by the Wipro Infotech in India, the Middle East, Australia, South East, and Asia.

Wipro Digital and Technological Solutions

Wipro Digital and Technological Solutions, services

BPO India

Wipro BPO India serves its customers with long-term services. Knowledge processing, equipping BPO technology, and reengineering the business process are the areas, where the company focuses.

R&D Services

The company has also brought R&D services for the clients, which provides end-to-end product life cycle of the next generation product development, which includes concept, development, hardware design, validation, software design, and certification of products and solutions. It has enabled Network Edge Providers (NEPs) with cost-efficient end-to-end product maintenance, feature enhancements, and ultimately support for legacy products.

Consultation Services

The unique consulting practice of the company helps the business leaders to approach the customers and respond to their needs by driving digital transformation, from operations to technologies. It has become a leader in digital transformation strategy and consulting. It delivers integrated strategy, digital and domain expertise, and apply analytics and insights to ultimately help them find hidden values.

Cloud Computing

It enables us to run software programs without installing them on our computers; it enables us to store and access our multimedia content via the internet, it enables us to develop and test programs without necessarily having servers, and so on.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps in saving time and money by optimizing routine tasks and processes. It also operational efficiencies, which enables an increase in productivity. Its main attribute is seen in avoiding mistakes and human error, and ultimately faster business decisions. AI also uses insights for predicting the preferences of customers, and then offers them a fruitful experience, which makes them associated with the services.


5G is associated with a greater speed in the transmissions, a lower latency. It has a greater capacity of remote execution and also has a possibility of implementing virtual networks. It keeps the customers satisfied with its speedy services.


Blockchain marks its importance in being secured due to its encryption feature. It also helps in verification and traceability, and also provides safe transactions in an instant manner. It is an immutable public ledger, which also helps in speeding up the data transfer processing.


Crowdsourcing occurs online with members of various groups by providing them with needful resources and information. It helps the companies to get more skillsets, expertise, and funding, by getting help from others.


Robotics fills the knowledge gap, builds up customer data, and also accelerates certain processes. It also marks its importance in solving problems more quickly, and ultimately gaining brand ambassadors. It also brings ease to the working of the business.

Consumer Care and Lighting

Home Care

Wipro, Consumer care and lighting


The eyes, nose, and mouth is the entry point of germs, which makes us sick. It also enters the body through dirty hands, unhygienic drinks, and food. Hence, in order to protect the body from such infectious germs, Wipro has come up with Hygienix Soap. It works smoothly on the skin, and removes all the germs. The soap also fights with disease-causing bacteria and also heals dry skin.

Hygienix Hand Sanitizer

It is used in the absence of water and soap, and marks its attribute in maintaining the softness of the skin after multiple uses, and kills the bacteria, and germs present on the hands, and also preventing the transmission of bacteria. The Alcohol-based Sanitizer marked their importance in being used by almost all the people during the pandemic period.

Hygienix Hand Wash

We all are surrounded by a number of infectious diseases, which approach a wide range of people with the continuous transmission. Hence, Wipro has brought the Hygienix hand wash, with proper germ protection formula, which is used before having meals, in order to prohibit the entry of germs and bacteria in the stomach.

Home Care


Giffy Dish Wash Gel marks its attribute in removing the bad smell and food stain in its one wash, ultimately making the utensils, and dishes look clean and shiny. It is easy to use and comes in two variants - Lemon and Green Lime, which works with the speed in cleaning the dirt.
It can also be used for cleaning the window sills, glass, and countertops.

Safe Wash

Safe Wash helps people to get rid of oily stains, which make the place look dirty. It is associated with fragrance, which gets aligned with the liquid and cleans the clothes, ultimately releasing a fresh fragrance. It brings a new shine to the clothes and totally removes the stubborn stain permanently.


Softouch acts in an effective way to reduce the friction between the fibers, and protect the clothes. It maintains the softness of the fabrics and makes it wrinkle-free. Softouch is also associated with good fragrances and makes them last longer. It comes with two variants - Ocean Breeze and Garden Bouquet, which comes with a good fragrance, that remains with the clothes for a long time and makes the people feel fresh.


Most of people often notice the cleanliness of the floor after entering the home, and if it is stained and associated with dirt, then it may create a bad image in their mind. MaxKleen marks its importance in cleaning the floor and making it free of all the stains. It gives a fresh and happy feeling to the mood and makes the floor look good. It also helps removes the germs that prevent the spread of illness.

Personal Care

Chandrika Soap

Chandrika Soap marks its importance in being associated with the healing power of sandal and saffron. It nourishes the skin to the fullest, and also moisturizes it. Chandrika soap treats acne and pimples, prevents the skin from dark spots, and brings soft and beautiful skin.

Chandrika Handwash

Chandrika Handwash is made with Ayurvedic essence, which protects the skin with germs, and removes the odour as well. The seven natural essential oils associated in it, make the hands dirt-free, germ-free, and also prevent infection.


Enchanteur perfume comes with the Roses, Jasmines, Violets, and Vanilla fragrances. It provides freshness to the user, which lasts for a long time, which also helps to uplift the spirit. It helps to make the person to stay relaxed and happy with the fragrance. Enchanteur removes the body odour and brings confidence to the mood of the people.


Santoor serves the customers with Santoor Soap, which is associated with Sandal and Turmeric, and also marks the importance of their role in being used since ancient times which helps in increasing the beauty naturally. It has also brought body lotion, body wash, gentle handwash, and other products, which are aligned with natural nourishing qualities.

Yardley London

Yardley marks its importance in bringing fragrance, and skincare products for the people. It was established in 1770, and is an FMCG unit of Wipro Ltd, which has obtained a premium personal care brand in the UK, and also Europe.



The company has brought the Better Bath is the shower gels that help to make people enthusiastic about their bathing experience. It consists the fragrance, which provides a delightful experience to the people.


Bio-essence shows its attribute in growing a unique formula BioEnergy ComplexT. This helps in increasing the capacity of the skin, in order to breathe through the increased in-take of oxygen beneath the surface.


Vitress Hair Freshener Floral Bloom is associated with fruits essence which is aligned with floral fragrance and makes the hairs look smooth, shiny, and odor-free releasing a delightful fragrance.

Male Grooming

Yardley London

Yardley London marks its importance in removing the body odor and releasing a unique fragrance. It is skin-friendly and makes the user feel fresh and active throughout the day.


Aramusk Musk Deodorant is associated with fragrance, which removes the odour and bacteria, and makes the user happy and satisfied with it. Aramusk Musk Deodorant freshens the mood of the people with its fruitful services.

Office Solutions


Wipro provides a Benching, Panel, Height Adjustable Table, accessories, free-standing furniture, etc, with appealing features. It also spreads its hands and provides the furniture in lounges, cafes, auditoriums, and furniture in hostels, classrooms, and Libraries as well.

Wipro Lighting

Wipro spreads light in the life of people by providing Smart Bulb, Next Smart Batten, Smart Panel, Smart COB, Smart Strip, Smart Plug, Next Smart Extension, and Smart Camera. It is also associated with Garnet LED Lighting, North-West switches, LED Bulb, Batten, Flat Panel, Spotlight, Strip Lights, LED Downlights, Emergency Lights, Table Lamps, Wall Lights, LED Outdoors, etc.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

Hydraulic Cylinder

The company has great experience in manufacturing Hydraulic cylinders for construction and Earthmoving, lifting/utility, farm and agriculture, mining and special applications, and also forestry. It mainly focuses on quality and delivers over 1 million cylinders annually.

Water Treatment

The water treatment sector is associated with the services, such as:

Drinking-Water Treatment Plant, Water Pre-Treatment, Cooling Tower Make-Up, Ultrapure Water, Water Treatment For Hardness Removal,
Boiler Feed Water, and Desalination.

Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment includes the services such as:
Sewage Treatment, Industrial Effluent Treatment, and Condensate Polishing Units Via Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Process.

Wastewater Recycle / Zero Liquid Discharge

Its services include Conventional Wastewater Recycling With Press Filters and Wastewater Recycling With Multi Effect Evaporators.


The Aerospace and Defence (A & D) sector carries a crucial responsibility on its shoulders and serves the nation enthusiastically. Wipro marks its importance in dealing with such kinds of sectors. This sector is extending its hands in bringing newer technologies.

Additive Manufacturing

The company provides services such as Additive Manufacturing Consulting and Adaption Services, Additive Manufacturing, Additive Engineering Services, Research & Development Solutions, etc. AM goes beyond the boundaries of material science, and allows the company to explore the frontiers.

Revenue Model

Wipro, revenue model

Wipro is associated with Wipro Technologies (US, Europe, Japan), which contributes a higher revenue share of 68%, whereas Wipro Infotech (India, Middle East, Australia, South East, Asia) contributes 19% of the total revenue share.

Consumer Care and Lighting contribute around 7% of the total revenue share, and Wipro Infrastructure Engineering contributes around 6% of the total revenue share.

[The images are being taken from the registered companies and belong to their respective owners only.]