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Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 41, Episode 42, Sharks, Trunome, WOL3D, Whats Up Wellness

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 41 and 42


Shark Tank India, season 2, Episode 39, Episode 40, Sharks, investment, companies, GladFul, Pharmallama, Hood, GrowiT

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 39 & 40


Shark Tank India, season 2, Episode 37, Episode 38, Sharks, investors, Hornback, Malaki, Nawgati

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 37 & 38


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 35, episode 36, Sharks, MeduLance, Cakelicious, Neuphony, HoloKitab

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 35 & 36


Shark Tank India, season 2, episode 33, episode 34, Sharks, investors, iMumz, The Healthy Binge, Freakins, Perfora, CureSee

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 33 & 34


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 31, Episode 32, Sharks, DigiQure E-Clinic,, Homestrap, Ubreathe,

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 31 and 32


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 29, Episode 30, Sharks, investors, Mahantam, MindPeers, Daryaganj, DVECK,

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 29 & 30


Shark Tank India, season 2, episode 27, episode 28, Sharks, investment, Green Snack Co., Zoff, Cloudworx

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 27 & 28


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 25, Episode 26, ScrapUncle, Sharm Ji Ka Aata, Manetane, Unstop, Blue Tea

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 25 & 26


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 23, Episode 24, Sharks, PadCare, Swadeshi Blessings, OLL, Geeani, Amore Gelato

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 23 & 24


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 21, Episode 22, Sharks, Dabble, Broomees, Ravel, HoneyVeda

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 21 & 22


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 19, Episode 20, Spice Story, Bullspree, Nitch, PORTL

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 19 & 20


Minnys Pets, Logo, color, font, mockups, month, December, 2022,

Minnys Pets: Logo of the Month December 2022


Logos, month, December 2022, Minny Pets, Pearl, Ekaiv, Suryan, HealthAsk, Real Intellect, Envera, Third Generation, Naos

Top Nine Logos of the Month: December 2022.


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 17, Episode 18, Sharks, Investment, Ekatra, Neomotion, Licksters

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 17 & 18


Shark Tank India, season 2, episode 15, episode 16, sharks, investment, Dobiee, FastBeetle, P-flow, Sepal, Solinas,

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 15 & 16


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Sharks, Investors, Episode 13, Episode 14, Inside FPV, Angrakhaa, Kyari, MOPP Foods

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 13 & 14


Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 11, Episode 12, Sharks, Investors, ABC Fitness Firm, Primebook, Daily Dump, Gharsoaps, Janitri

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 11 & 12


Shark Tank India, season 2, episode 9, episode 10, Paradyes, Nestroots, Zillionaire, Freebowler

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 9 & 10


Shark Tank India, season 2, episode 7, episode 8, The Simply Salad, AyuSynk, Atypical Advantage, House of Chikankari,

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 7 & 8


Shark Tank India, season 2, sharks, entrepreneurs, Winston, TeaFit, Haqdarshak, Sony, 5th episode, 6th episode

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 5 & 6


Shark Tank India, season 2, episode 3, episode 4, entrepreneur, investors, sharks, Stage, Girgit Store, Gear Head Motors, PatilKaki, Brandsdaddy AFE

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 3 & 4


Shark Tank India, second season, investing, funding, Hoovu Fresh, Dorje Teas, Very Much India, Watchout Wearables,

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episode 1 & 2


Flipkart, business model, revenue model, online, e-commerce, store, founders, B2C, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal

Flipkart Business Model: Online E-Commerce Store


Azim Hashim Premji, Wipro Limited, Indian businessman, Stanford University, IT, early life, biography, Philanthropist

Entrepreneur Ajim Premji: Achieving With Excellence


Twitter, business model, revenue model, mission, vision, logo, founders, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams

Twitter Business Model: Connecting Everyone With The World


Cornerstone, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, November 2022

Cornerstone: Logo of November 2022


Logo, Cornerstone, Vivisha, Merakii, Elite Furniture, Ace Of Spades, QuadSMS, Astrox, Kaffee Master

Top Nine Logo Concepts: November 2022


Jack Ma, entrepreneur, inspiring personality, China, founder, Alibaba,, early life,

Entrepreneur Jack Ma: An Inspiring Personality


Bajaj Group, Bajaj Consumer Care, Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv, Bajaj Energy, Bajaj Electricals, Bajaj Ventures,

Bajaj Group of Company: Enhancing Quality Of Life


Radhakishan Shivkishan Damani, early life, career, stock market, first investment, Manu Manek, investment

Entrepreneur Radhakishan Damani: Retail King Of India


Groww, business model, democratize, access, financial services, stock market, mission, vision, business model, revenue model,

Groww Business Model: To Democratize Access To Financial Services


Entrepreneur, Lawrence Edward Page, Larry Page, early, education, founder, Google, Surgey Brin, Blackrub,

Entrepreneur Larry Page: Always Deliver More Than Expected


Quikr, business model, revenue model, how it works, founder, Pranay Chulet,

Quikr Business Model: To Connect With The Buyers And Sellers Online


Entrepreneur, Warren Buffet, investor, early life, career, successful, investor, first investment

Entrepreneur Warren Buffet: The Most Successful Investor


KingsRow, Iconic, logo, business, brand, restaurants, customers, restaurants, food

KingsRow: Logo of the month of October 2022


Kingsrow, Droppto, Aerophile, AlphaGile3, KiaanBars, Crekaar, Modastor, Pelsseyon, SeasonShop

Top Nine Logos of the Month: October 2022


MakeMyTrip, business model, travel, founder, Deep Kalra, Gurugram, Haryana, IRCTC, revenue model

MakeMyTrip Business Model: To Make Travel Simple With Fun


Gautam Adani, Adani group, early life, the diamond company, OGL, import & export, Mundra port, power business

Gautam Adani: Growing High With Determination


Meesho, business model, revenue model, democratize, internet, commerce, customers, clients, shopping, social media, founders, Vidit Aatrey, Sanjeev Barnwal

Meesho Business Model: Democratizing Internet Commerce For Everyone


Jeff Bezos, early life, education, career, brand, 99logos, business venture, achievements

Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos: The Man Behind the Success of Amazon


OYO Rooms, business model, revenue model, mission, founder, Ritesh Agarwal, products, services, revenue model

Oyo Rooms Business Model: Bringing Affordable and Trusted Accommodation


Entrepreneur, Elon Musk, Zip2,, PayPal , Tesla,  Twitter,  Solar City, SpaceX Dragon, SpaceX

Entrepreneur Elon Musk: Consistently Growing Towards Progress


Meta Platform, Facebook, founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, WhatsApp, business model, mission,

Meta Business Model: To Make the World Open and Connected


Steven Paul Jobs, Steve Wozniak, entrepreneur, creator, CEO, Apple, founder, Apple Inc

Entrepreneur Steve Jobs: Creator Of The Technology Industry


Dunzo, business model, mission, vision, founder, Kabir Biswas, revenue model, workflow,

Dunzo Business Model: To Be The Logistics Layer Of Every City


Inspiring, entrepreneur, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, early life, computer, revolution, Microsoft Company

Inspiring Entrepreneur Bill Gates: Pioneering Computer Revolution


Ambuja Cement Limited, business model, Gujrat Ambuja Cement, 99Logos India, mission, vision, revenue model, shareholding pattern

Ambuja Cement Business Model: To Be The Most Sustainable and Competitive Company


GrowUni, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, essence.

GrowUni: Logo of the Month September 2022


Top 9 logos, September 2022, GrowUni, Craftalya, The Grid Studio, Bruxx, 9o shop, Hexar Games, Recruseed, SportyQuick, Trreta

Top 9 Logo Concepts: September 2022


Dhirubhai Ambani, entrepreneur, inspiration, generation, strategies, small steps, taking risks, motivation

Inspiring Entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani: Inspiration For The Future Generation


Jamsetji Tata, entrepreneur, India, Tata Group, founder, Tata family, first steel plant, Indian Institute of Science, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Hydroelectric Power Plant

Jamsetji Tata: The Man Who Built India


Hero MotoCorp, business model, future, mobility, revenue model, mission, vision, cycles, motorcycles, scooters, founder

Hero MotoCorp Business Model: To Be The Future Of Mobility


Unicorn, unicorn startup, startup, features, characteristics, customer-centric, PhonePay, Ola, Zomato, CRED

How a Startup becomes Unicorn?


Asian Paints, business model, vision, history, founder, advertise, Gattu, services, revenue model

Asian Paints Business Model: Fulfilling the Needs With Quality


Short videos, marketing strategy, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, social media, advertising

How Short Video Can Help In The Marketing Strategy?


Crompton Greaves, business model, mission, vision, revenue model, products

Crompton Greaves Business Model: Creating Superior Value In The Products


New-age, customers, consumers, services, memorable experience, next-generation, attract

How to Improve New-Age Customer Service To Attract the Next-Gen Consumers


Spottrack, Logo, August 2022, color, font, business nature, monotone, mockups

Spottrack: Logo of the month August 2022


D2C brands, Social Commerce, relations, social media, services, digital presence, brands, enhance, strong communication

Relation Between D2C Brands and Social Commerce


Logos, August 2022, Spottrack, Fruitgasp, Upepo, Sleepo, Gleamstan, Finashram, MilePearl, CollectionLane, and Archadium

Top Nine Logos of the Month: August 2022


Tesla, business model, electric vehicles, mission, vision, revenue model

Tesla Business Model: Accelerating the Electric Vehicles


McDonalds Corporation, business model, real estate, food business, mission, vision, business model, Beverages, Breakfast, revenue model

McDonald's Business Model: Brings Profitable Growth with the Business


Marico, business model, yearly revenue model, FMCG, founder, Harsh Mariwala, products

Marico Business Model: Works in Beauty and Wellness Space


Alibaba business model, founder, Jack Ma, Lozada,,,, revenue model

Alibaba Business Model: To Build Future Infrastructure of Commerce


Cadbury, Chocolate brand, India, business model, global, mission, vision, products, net sales, revenue model

Business Model of Cadbury: Bringing Taste with Quality


Domain name, .com, .in, .org, .co, .net, .gov, .us, .edu, importance

Various kinds of Domains and their Importance


Top 5, books, designers, must-read, 99logos, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Epic Content Marketing, Permission Marketing, Quantum Marketing, Positioning

Top 5 Must Read Books On Marketing Strategy


Momo Haat, logo, July, 2022, logo concept, Combination Mark logo, monotone, color concept, font

Momo Haat: Logo of the Month July 2022


Top 9 logos, July 2022, Momo Haat, Kawayan, IVY, LeafySure, Mettra, Allyca, JustGiri, Majestic Man, Airas Cake Box

Top Nine Logos of the Month: July 2022


Amul, Indian Dairy Cooperative Society, Gujrat, Dr. Verghese Kurien, mission, vision, business model, products, founder, revenue model

Amul Business Model: The Taste of India


Instagram, business model, photographs, videos, stories, direct feed, mission, vision, revenue model, advertisements, shopping, 99Logos

Instagram Business Model: Captures and Shares Moments


Designing process, time, logo, business, brand, essential, quality, discover, research, brainstorm, preparation stage, design, concepts, presentation & feedback, changes, final output

Why Time is Essential in the Creative Designing Process?


Top, 9, Books, Entrepreneurs, business, success, Zero to One, Rework, 4-Hour Workweek, The Lean Startup, How to Win Friends and Influence People, One Page Marketing Plan, Think and Grow Rich, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Top 9 Best Books for Entrepreneurs: Shows The Way To Success


Toyota motors, mission, vision, business model, revenue model, founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, Toyota finance

Business Model of Toyota Motors: To Delight Customers Through Automobiles


Sony Corporation, founders, Masaru Ibuka, Akio Morita, logo, Television, smartphones, laptops, playstations, video recorder, sound systems, computers

Sony Corporation: To Inspire and Fulfill the Curiosity of the People


Samsung, mission, vision, founder, Byung-Chul, electronics, Galaxy, Samsung C&T, life insurance, galaxy buds, 99logos, logo, brand, mobile

Samsung: Inspiring World with Innovations


The Carats, Luxury Initial Logo, logo concept, June, color concept, typography, Rose Gold, Pinkish Brown, Purple Brown, Philosopher font

The Carats: Logo of the Month June 2022


The Carats, Iraha, Delisco, Kaarbaar, Care Trip, Delta Gainer, Fox Pro, W.W. Cinema, Yellow Mustard, 99Logos, brand, business

Top Nine Logos of the Month: June 2022


PayPal, account, business, mission, vision, founders, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Yu Pan, Russell Simmons

Paypal: To Democratize Financial Services


CRED, credit cards, mission, vision, business model, revenue model, founder, Kunal Shah

CRED: Creating A Creditworthy Community


UPI, digital platform, PayTM, GooglePay, UPI ID, NPCI, RBI, transaction, business, features, benefits, privacy, economy

How UPI has Revolutionized Digital Economy?


Dabur, vision, founder, S.K. Burman, products, services, revenue model, business model, 99Logos

Dabur India Limited: Focusing on Natural Health Care


ONDC, UPI, E-Commerce, DPIIT, digital monopolies, Amazon, Flipkart, mission, business, buyer, seller, benefits

ONDC: UPI of E-Commerce


Keywords Cipla, mission, vision, global healthcare, therapies, diagnostics, revenue model, shareholding pattern

Cipla Limited: Global Healthcare Company


Microsoft, logo, mission, vision, apps, products, services, LinkedIn, revenue model

Microsoft Corporation: Empowers To Achieve More


Twin Bowls, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, essence

Twin Bowls: Logo of the Month May 2022


Logo, industry, top 9 logo concepts, 99logos, customers, company, nature, business, colors, highlights, unique, appealing

Top Nine Logo Concepts: May 2022


Milton, mission, vision, products, services, revenue model, business model, share holding pattern

Milton Corporation Limited: Aim To Provide High Quality Products


Havells India Limited, vision, mission, products, services, revenue, market share, share holding

Havells India Limited: Rising with Excellence


Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology, at home, industry, trade, business

Business Model of Bosch: Invented for Life


Rolls-Royce motors, Rolls-Royce Holdings plc, mission, vision, founders, Charles Rolls, Henry Royce, aerospace, defence, business mode, revenue model

Rolls-Royce: To Provide Better Power for a Changing World


Aditya Birla Group, premium, global, conglomerate, Seth Shiv Narayan Birla, ABFL, mining, metals, chemicals, textiles, cement, telecommunication, business model, revenue model

Aditya Birla Group: Premium Global Conglomerate


Wipro Limited, vision, founder, business model, revenue model, IT sector, home care, lighting, infrastructure, engineering

Wipro, Earning the Trust with the Business


Shark Tank India, Sharks, judges, Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Sony, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, Ghazal Alag

Shark Tank India: A Platform for Entrepreneurs


Kerala, Krakow, Iconic, logo, business, brand, restaurants, customers, restaurants, food

Kerala to Krakow: Logo of the month of April 2022


Logo, industry, customers, company, nature, business, colors, highlights, unique

Top Nine Logo Concepts: April 2022


Mahindra, automobiles, founder, Jagdish Chandra Mahindra, K.c. Mahindra, business mode, designing process, Bolero, XUV300, Scorpio, Thar, XUV700, Marazzo, Altura, e-Verito

Mahindra and Mahindra Automobiles: To Rise the Driving Purpose


Nestle, business model, mission, vision, business model, revenue model, baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, pet foods, and snacks

Nestle Business Model: Good Food, Good Life


Indian Oil Corporation Limited, mission, vision, business model, revenue model, brand, business

Indian Oil Corporation Limited: Bringing Energy to Life


Infosys, vision, mission, N.R. Narayan Murthy, business, services, revenue model

Business Model of Infosys: A Way Towards Success


Titan, mission, vision, business model, jewelry, watch, fastrack, eyewear

Titan: Vision to Create Elevating Experiences


Adani Group, mission, vision, Transport, Logistics, Power, Utilities, Incubation, business,

Adani Group: Efforts to Escalate the Business


Sila, logo, design studio, Combination Mark Logo, Light Golden, Dark Green, colors, typography

Sila: Logo of the Month March 2022


Hindustan Unilever Limited, Sanjiv Mehta, mission, vision, business model, revenue model, sourcing, manufacturing, innovation

Hindustan Unilever Limited: To Make Sustainable Living a Common Place


Logo, industry, customers, company, nature, business, colors, highlights, unique

Top Nine Logo Concepts: March 2022


Tata motors, mission, vision, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, TMETC, manufacturing, quality control,

Tata Motors: Connecting Aspirations


Reliance, mission, vision, founders, business, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, petroleum, retail, network18, refining

Reliance: Types of Business and Revenue Model


Lenskart, mission, vision, business model, revenue model, brand, technology, robotic,

Lenskart: A Mission to Give India a Vision


Amazon, mission, vision, customer-centric, logo, Jeff Bezos, business, revenue model

Amazon: A Customer-Centric Business Model


OLA, cabs, business, revenue, model, mission, vision, founders, Ankit Bhati, Bhavish Aggarwal

Business Model of OLA: A Bond with the Customers


BYJUs, education, learning, business, revenue, students, Raveendran, mission, vision, goal, FAQ

Byju's: How the Business and Revenue Model Works?


Apple, brand, business, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Wearables, Accessories

Apple: A Business Model for Making Profit


Paytm, wallet, revenue, business, payment, bank, QR code, vouchers, vision, mission

Business Model of Paytm


Zomato, business, model, revenue, mission, vision, customers, segment, restaurant, food, delivery

Business Model of Zomato


Logos, February, Desi Fried Chicken, Altura, Saniport, Himburg, Tesana, Mockingjay, IPFY, Kesariya, Benaka

Top Nine Logos of the Month: February 2022


Desi Fried Chicken, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, essence

Desi Fried Chicken: Logo of the month February 2022


Pandemic, business, financial, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, rebuilding, products, social media

How to Rebuild Small Business after COVID-19


Cloud, computing, business, brand, importance, internet, data, storage, public, private, data storage

Cloud Computing in Business, and its Importance


Future, mobile, applications, business, brand, importance, internet, social media, database

The Future of Mobile Apps for Business


Website, Architecture, importance, SEO, Hierarchical, Sequential, Matrix, Database

What is Website Architecture? What are the steps to create it?


Google, Adsense, website, revenue, advertisement, CPC, CPM, CPE

What is Google Adsense? How does it help Business Websites?


Domain Name System, IP address, website, internet, servers, records, queries, recursive,

What is DNS? How does it work?


Server, monitoring, importance, tools, PRTG, Observium, Datadog, Panopta, Atera

What is Server Monitoring? Its Tools and Importance


Web, hosting, HTML, types, importance, shared, managed, colocation, virtual, private, dedicated, server, cloud

What is Web Hosting? Types and Importance?


Website, content, management, system, HTML, digital, enterprise, component, works

What is a Content Management System? How to manage it?


Website, monetization, money, earn, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, advertise, products, services

What is Website Monetization? How to monetize your website?


Bounce rate, website, business, decrease, visitors, web page, customers, content, product, market landing page

What is a Bounce Rate? How to Decrease it?


Website, layout, importance, single column, split-screen, asymmetrical layouts, grid cards, magazines,

What is a Website Layout? Its Types and Importance?


Mandarine Rose, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, essence

Mandarine Rose: Logo of the month January 2022


Motion, graphics, types, benefits, animated, typography, loop, design, advanced, titles, logos

What is Motion Graphics? Types and Benefits?


Logo, industry, customers, company, nature, business, colors, highlights, unique.

Top Nine Logo Concepts: January 2022


Shrink, product, label, package, sleeve, graphics, business, brand, market, wraps, bands, bags,

Types of Shrink Product Label Package


Digital, transformation, customers, experience, online information, automation, digitization, data transparency

A Deep Dive: How to improve customer experience through digital transformation?


Franchise, business, types, pros, cons, productivity, profit, marketing, brand

What is Franchise Business? Types, Pros and Cons


Digital, business, cards, identity, personal, information, username, password, fingerprints, e-aadhar card, e-business card,

The Future of Digital Identity


Graphics, design, history, evolution, industry, business, visual, elements, brand, Bauhaus, Swiss, Art Deco

How have commercial graphics changed over the decades?


Golden, ratio, finonacci sequence, design, logo, typography, cropping, image, website, magazine, business, brand

What is the Golden Ratio, and its Uses in Designing Industry?


Red, ocean, strategy, surviving, customers, product, brand, business, market

How to Survive in the Red Ocean?


Color, psychology, marketing, primary, secondary, tertiary, logos, brand, business

What is Color Psychology in Marketing?


Domain, website, business, search, engine, optimization, business, technical, E-Commerce, chatbox, support, security

10 Key Steps for Building a Great Small Business Website


Whispering Pines, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, brand, business

Whispering Pines: Logo of the month December 2021


E-Commerce, website, business, brand, company, shopping, market, market research, purchase, domain name

How to Build your E-commerce Website for Business?


Live, chatbox, customers, services, business, productivity, brand, support, solve issues

Why Chatbox are essentials for the business?


Logo, industry, customers, company, nature, business, colors, highlights, unique.

Top Nine Logo Concepts: December 2021


Social, media, marketing, communication, internet, advertise, display, Facebook, website, traffic, business, brand

Role of Social Media in your Marketing Communication Efforts


History, modern, logos, brand, business, trademark, Google, Amazon, Disney, Apple, Starbucks, McDonalds, Nike, Pepsi

History of Logos - Volume III


History, logos, Stella Artois, Twinings Tea, Shell Oil, Levi Strauss & Co., Coca-Cola, evolution, brand,

History of Logos - Volume II


History, logos, designing, beginning, first logo, ancient, symbols, Vikings, Portuguese, Roman

History of Logos - Volume I


Adobe Illustrator, graphics, logo, business cards, designs, uses, importance, advertise

Adobe Illustrator: Uses and Importance


Start, launch, company, business, market research, company, customers, competition, products, service, Red ocean, Blue ocean

How to Start and Launch a Company


Trademark, registration, process, brand name, legal, attorney, products, protection, business, market

Trademark Checking and Registration Process


Brand names, brainstorming, process, making, strategic, purpose, objectives, values, ideas, creativity

Brainstorming: how to be an idea machine for making a brand name


Lettermarks, monograms, logo, key, elements, business, brand, market, customers

Key Factors to the Considered in the Lettermarks (Monogram) Logos Designing Process


Pepsi, logo, design, look, brand, evolution, shape, size, colors, Iconic logo

Evolution of Prominent brand logo: Pepsi


Rebranding, branding, website, uniqueness, business, market, customer-centricity

When is it the right time to Rebrand?


Landing, page, design, clean, color, visual, appealing, trust, accessible, importance

What makes a good landing page design?


F**K Me Cookies, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, essence

F**K Me Cookies: Logo of the month November 2021


F**K Me Cookies, DR SignGraf, Dial A City, Dezooh, Vedhas, Stravagance Art, Basic Mate, Kuber Finserv, Bhavana, logo, brand, business

Top 9 Logo Concepts: November 2021


Labels, information, designing, process, product, package, types, brand, business, market

Types and Designing Process of Labels for Product Package


Website, design, importance, types, illustrative, minimalistic, typography, single page, flat page, easy navigation, SEO, brand, business, market

Importance of Website Design for Business


Red Ocean, Blue Ocean, strategies, customers, business, marketing, telecommunications, Netflix, Uber, Facebook

The Concept of Red Ocean and Blue Ocean


Business, productivity, goals, industry, marketing, customers, satisfaction, increase, brand

How brand productivity can be improved for the business?


Customer centric, business, brand, product, business, market, services, customers, industry, company, Amazon, Swiggy

Customer Centric Industry: Definition, challenges, and examples in the Business


Social media, advertising, platforms, types, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, brand, business, customers, market

Social Media Advertising: Types and importance of Platforms in the market.


Iconic, logo, key, factors, Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, Google Drive, business, brand, colors

Key Factors to be considered in Iconic Logo Designing Process


Apple, Logo, brand, evolution, industry, business, Isaac Newton, Ronald Wayne, iPhone, monochrome, iconic

Evolution of Prominent Brand Logos: Apple


Market, research, types, importance, customers, products, industry, surveys, business, transcription, brand

Market Research: Types and Importance


Content, SEO, search, site, website, keywords, stuffing, design, industry, web, marketing, product, engine, optimization.

What is SEO? Types and Importance


Boltark, logo, iconic, Eagle, wings, brand name, colors, font, monotone

Top 9 Logo Concepts: October 2021


Boltark, logo, iconic, Eagle, wings, brand name, colors, font, monotone.

Boltark: Logo of the month October 2021


Market, Advertise, brand, marketing, importance, types, newspapers, television, radio, social media, banners, product, services, sales, customers

Types and Importance of Advertising in Market


Wordmark, logo, brand, design, business, unique, font, typography, colors, process

Key Factors to be considered in Wordmark Logo Designing Process


Packaging, product, design, marketing, branding, colors, logo, image

Types of Product Packaging Design


Fonts, designing, process, designer, letters, types, tools, business, typography, family

The Designing Process of Fonts


Graphics, dimensional, design, paint, applications, model, image, brand.

Role and uses of 2D Designs in Graphics


Business, visiting, cards, brand, look, uniqueness, professionalism, information,

Business Cards; Types and Importance.


Typography, fonts, design, graphics, appealing, presentation, appealing, exceptional, brand name, recognition.

Classes of Typography and its Uses.


Graphics, design, industry, business, visual, elements, brand.

Types of Graphic Designs and their Applications.


Brand, Company, Repositioning, Market, Customers, Products, Position, Brand Name Logo.

How to reposition the existing brands?


Online, business, people, marketing, ideas, job, website, brand.

Online business ideas in 2021.


Logo, industry, customers, company, nature, business, colors, highlights, unique.

Top 9 Logo Concepts: September 2021


Carigari, Logo, color, represent, highlights, essence, association, royal, essence.

Carigari: Logo of the month September 2021


Twitter, Bird, Logo, Evolution, Blue, Platform, Company, Brand, Users, Features.

Evolution of the Prominent Brand Logos: Twitter


Slogans, marketing, strategy, identity, customers, business, brand, approach.

What is the role of a slogan in terms of marketing strategy?


PMS, CMYK, HEX, color, codes, types, attention, industry, brand, business.

What are types of color codes and their uses according to industries?


Business, inspiring, customers, company, highlights, product, brand, grasp, colors

What kind of colors grasps the attention according to business?


Trademark, classifications, products, brandname, registration, services.

Different Classes of Trademarks and their uses.


Trademark, registration, brand, marketplace, mark, design, recognize, services.

Why the Trademark Registration is important? Types and uses.


Brand, name, company, business, market, industry, trademark, purpose, branding, marketing

What is the importance of Brand Names? Its types and purpose.


Marketing, cost-effective, remote, autonomous, flexible, documented, benefits, communication, cost-savings.

How does remote marketing help in business?


Branding, educational, associated, goals, opportunity, analysis, tagline, voice, personality.

What is the Strategy Behind Branding?


Memorable, presentation, information, professional, combination, factors, uniqueness, symbolizes, motivation.

How memorable is your Logo?


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The importance of having a business/brand website.


Brand, creates, escalate, business, marketers, developers, destiny, consumer, impression, persuasive.

How does a brand help to escalate the business?


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What makes a Good Logo?


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Types of Logo Designs and their importance according to Industries


Brand, Branding, Logo

What is more important: Branding or Marketing?


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